Castle Kitchen & Keep

Kreuzenstein Castle would not be complete without its large kitchen, which is accessible through a narrow gate from the inner courtyard. In order to cater for all residents and defenders, the kitchen had to be designed at an appropriate size, remarkable is also its low location beneath the ground floor which allowed for improved food storage in the cool basement compartments and also provided more protection against attacking enemies. At the kitchen’s center is the unique kitchen table crafted from an enormous solid 7.5 meter oak board which had to be shipped by water from Salzburg to Kreuzenstein. Among the numerous authentic kitchen utensils from the Middle Ages are a waffle iron with ornate decorations, a so-called „Windbrater" (a hot air operated barbecue) and the famous „Noodle Printer“, a spaghetti machine from the 16th century.

The 60m castle keep with its bellringer’s chamber on the seventh floor is probably the castle’s most imposing element. Its shape is based on the towers of the fortifications in Perchtoldsdorf (Lower Austria) and Freistadt (Upper Austria). The clock’s huge dial which dates back to the 15th century and originates from Überlingen on Lake Constance, bears the characteristic motto "Wer rastet, der rostet“ ("use it or lose it") – a very appropriate motto for the eventful, adventurous and at the same time very fulfilling and successful life of the rebuilder of Kreuzenstein castle.