The Knights' Hall

The great Knight's Hall of Kreuzenstein with its magnificent furnishings represents a center of social life at the golden age of chivalry. Among its showpieces are the tiled stove with biblical depictions, the precious Gobelin tapestries, the heavy dining table and the scissor chairs from the Renaissance period as reminders that the hall was also the main dining area, as well as the famous "Brixen Cabinet" dating back to the time around 1500. This extremely valuable exhibit is decorated in the so-called incrustation technique – a rare and special craftsmanship mastered by only one single workshop at Tamweg/Salzburg in this era.

To emphasize the extraordinary value of this unique piece, the room was built around the cabinet in a way. Other interesting exhibits at the the great Knight's Hall include a Sideboard, a hand-forged and fully functional verge clock and a Gothic church stall. The vestibule and drinking hall presents historical tin and drinking vessels, wooden figurines and an open fireplace.